P2GreeN International Conference: Wave of Change for Better Water Solutions

Join Us Online on May 31, 2024, at 11:00 am – 12:45 pm CET | Register Here 


As a partner event of the 2024 EU Green Week, we at P2GreeN are excited to introduce “P2GreeN International Conference: A Wave of Change for Better Water Solutions.” This timely event aims to tackle global water issues by embracing sustainable and innovative solutions essential for our future. 


This conference will bring together experts and stakeholders to discuss the integration of water management, agriculture, and the circular economy. We are leading the charge in transitioning from traditional systems to circular models, focusing on transforming waste into valuable agricultural resources. 


Agenda Highlights: 


Join us for a series of insightful presentations and discussions led by key figures in the field of sustainable water management: 

  • Strategic Overview by Anita Beblek from Agrathaer, focusing on P2GreeN’s cutting-edge methods to combat water pollution and advance circular solutions. 
  • Expert Panels on Water Management featuring discussions on improving water governance in intensely irrigated areas like Axarquia, Spain, with contributions from Jose Manuel Nieto from CETAQUA and Gerardo González from Bioazul. 
  • Source Separation Techniques were explored in detail by Carsten Beneker from Agrathaer and David de Chambrier from VunaNexus AG, focusing on their potential to relieve water resource stress and mitigate water body emissions. 
  • Insights into Sustainable Bioeconomy with Laura Vivani from Moverim, highlighting the outcomes from P2GreeN’s International Conference  Bridging Youth and Bioeconomy – Part II. 

Each session includes time for questions and answers, ensuring participants can engage directly with the experts and gain a deeper understanding of the topics discussed. 


Why You Should Attend: 


This conference is a call to action for those ready to embrace and implement groundbreaking technologies such as urine diversion and smart fertigation tools. By attending, you’ll gain firsthand insights into how these innovations are closing nutrient loops and pioneering sustainable practices across Europe. 


Our aim is clear: to spark transformative change and drive collective action towards water resilience and sustainability, aligning with EU goals to halve nutrient losses in water by 2050. 


Be part of this transformative experience! Register now to connect, learn, and contribute to shaping the future of water solutions. As part of EU Green Week 2024, this conference plays a pivotal role in influencing European environmental policy. 


For more details, click here. Join us in making waves for a sustainable tomorrow! 

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