P2GreeN at the “Perspectives on Circular Economy: Cross-Project Presentation and Networking” Event

Celebrating Our Partners’ Success!

We are thrilled to share that our partners from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) attended the “Perspectives on Circular Economy: Cross-Project Presentation and Networking” event on June 6th. This exciting event took place at the Station in Frederiksberg, bringing together innovators and enthusiasts to explore the many facets of the circular economy.

Event Highlights:

Our CBS partners showcased the groundbreaking fertilizer produced in the Swedish pilot region by Sanitation360, a key component of the P2GreeN project. This innovative solution highlights how human sanitary waste can be transformed into valuable fertilizer, showcasing the power of circular economy practices in action. The event featured a series of insightful presentations, including:
  • BEACON Project: Behavioral Insights for a Circular Society
  • P2GreeN Project: Turning Human Sanitary Waste into Fertilizer – featuring the impact trailer of “Holy Shit”
  • Aarhus Green Academy: Educational opportunities in various green sectors
  • CBS Permahaven: Collective Urban Gardening for Sustainability, including a Q&A session on the use of bio-fertilizer from P2GreeN

Networking and Engagement:

The Station was abuzz with energy as attendees engaged in meaningful discussions, exchanged ideas, and forged new connections. The event concluded with a refreshing networking session, allowing participants to delve deeper into conversations about sustainable practices and innovative solutions.

A Note of Thanks:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mille Lokkegaard from the Station for hosting the event and to our remarkable presenters – Isabel Fróes, Maribel Blasco, Anna Schmid, Albina Dioba, Lukasz Dariusz Chrystofiak, and Charlotte Weiersøe Henriksen – for their engaging and informative sessions. Special thanks to Sanitation360 for providing the showcased fertilizer, highlighting the successful outcomes of our collaborative efforts in the Swedish pilot region. Stay tuned for more updates and events as we continue to drive forward the circular economy movement together!                                     Learn more about the event here: Recap of “Perspectives on Circular Economy: Cross-Project Presentation and Networking” – June 6th (cbs.dk)
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