P2GreeN: new circular solutions for the transition from fork to farm

Join our EU Green Week 2023 Partner Event and find out about the Skills/Upskilling of regional actors and local authorities for implementing successful nutrient recovery systems!

Vast amounts of wastewater with a high nutrient content disappear daily into the sewers of large cities. On the other hand, agriculture, using conventional fertilizers, struggles to produce good yields in the fields to feed the growing world population. What some have too much of, others have too little of.

Our 32 European partners are working to find a solution to this!

P2GreeN’s overall objective is to foster a paradigm shift, from a linearly organised resource and nutrient system within the agri-food supply chain, towards a circular material flow system between urban and rural areas. Thereby restoring the coupling of the water-agri-food system using a holistic symbiotic resource management approach following the 3R principle “Reduce, Reuse, Recover”.

P2GreeN has received funding from the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No° 101081883

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