Aleksandra Czarnik Joins P2GreeN’s Legal Team: Exciting Addition for Project’s Research on Varied and Complex Legal Challenges

We are excited to announce that Aleksandra Czarnik has joined P2GreeN’s legal team in Work Package 3. Aleksandra successfully secured a PhD studentship at Maynooth University, Ireland, as part of the P2GreeN project. Collaborating closely with Dr. Mary Dobbs from Maynooth University and Prof. Joseph McMahon from UCD, Ireland, Aleksandra will delve into the diverse and intricate legal challenges that arise at the EU level and within the pilot and follower regions. In the coming years, Aleksandra will focus more specifically on these regions, conducting significant fieldwork for the project.


Aleksandra completed her undergraduate studies in Theology and Arts at St. Patrick’s Pontifical University and Maynooth University, graduating with a 2.1 in 2020. During her studies, she participated in the successful SPUR program. She further pursued an MA in Data Protection and Privacy Law at DCU, where she achieved the 3rd position and co-authored a publication on health data in the context of Covid. Aleksandra recently completed an advanced Diploma in Planning Permission and Environmental Law at King’s Inns while working as a legal intern and subsequently as a data protection officer.


In March 2023, Aleksandra secured competitive funding for her PhD thesis in the field of environmental and agricultural law, which is closely linked to the Horizon Europe Project P2GreeN. While her primary research interests lie within environmental law, Aleksandra’s background in theology has also influenced her interest in Neo-Spinozism and coupled human-environment systems. In her spare time, Aleksandra enjoys painting and playing grand strategy games. Her favorite authors include Cormac McCarthy and James Joyce.


We warmly welcome Aleksandra to the team and look forward to her valuable contributions in addressing the legal complexities of the P2GreeN project.

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