Exciting Updates from the Spanish Pilot Region

In an important step towards sustainable agriculture, Spanish partners, including Bioazul, Axaragua, AgriSmartdata, TROPS and CETAQUA, recently carried out a comprehensive visit to the Spanish pilot area in La Axarquía. The purpose of the visit was to analyse the soil as part of the ongoing P2GreeN research project.


During the visit to the pilot site, the team undertook soil analysis to fine-tune the sensors of the smart irrigation tool. Accurate calibration of these sensors is crucial to ensure optimal water use and accurate biofertilizer delivery, helping to increase crop yields and reduce environmental impacts.


“Soil analysis is a critical aspect of our research,” said a representative of Bioazul, one of the collaborating partners. “The data collected during this visit will allow us to adapt the smart irrigation tool to the specific needs of the agricultural landscape in La Axarquía.”


The commitment of the Spanish partners to collaborate, innovate and promote sustainable practices reflects the growing awareness of the need to address the challenges of agriculture and climate change. P2GreeN’s advances offer promising solutions for farmers in La Axarquía and potentially globally.


As the project continues to evolve, it is expected to serve as a model for future agricultural initiatives, ushering in a new era of smart, sustainable and environmentally conscious agriculture.


[Note: The images used in the article were shared in the original tweet and were taken during the visit to the pilot site in La Axarquía].

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