CERTH Hosts the 3rd Biorural Greek Bioeconomy Workshop in Athens

In a significant stride towards advancing Greece’s bioeconomy, our P2GreeN partners from CERTH successfully organized the 3rd Biorural Greek Bioeconomy Workshop in Athens. The event, which gathered experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts in the field, served as a platform to explore and discuss the progress and future directions of bioeconomy in Greece.

A highlight of the workshop was the presentation of the P2GreeN project, an initiative that stands at the forefront of promoting green practices and sustainable development. The project’s mission, centered around enhancing environmental sustainability, resonated with the participants, aligning with the overarching goals of the Biorural workshop.

The workshop offered attendees a comprehensive overview of the Biorural project and its mission, showcasing its achievements in aquatic ecosystems. Through engaging stories of success and an interactive session dedicated to aquatic systems, participants gained valuable insights into the importance and current status of aquatic ecosystems in Greece.

One of the workshop’s primary objectives was to educate and inform participants about the critical role of bioeconomy in today’s society. By focusing on aquatic systems, the event underscored the necessity of sustainable management and conservation practices, highlighting the Biorural project’s contributions to the field.

The 3rd Biorural Greek Bioeconomy Workshop marks another milestone in Greece’s journey towards a sustainable and resilient bioeconomy. Through projects like P2GreeN and the ongoing efforts of CERTH, Greece is poised to make significant advancements in environmental sustainability and bioeconomic development.

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