P2Green Project Advances with Soil Sampling in Spanish Pilot Site

Last month, in our Spanish pilot region in Algarrobo, Málaga, Guillermo Moreno Ortega and José Manuel Nieto conducted a soil sampling campaign to monitor soil properties under various irrigation treatments in mango and avocado crops. This action aims to assess the influence of smart fertigation techniques using reclaimed water, contributing to a better understanding of its impact on crop growth and soil health.

The initiative marks another step forward in the progress of the P2Green project, highlighting the commitment of partners to innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture. By leveraging reclaimed water and advanced irrigation methods, the project aims to reduce environmental impact while ensuring efficient resource management in farming practices.

Participating partners included BIOAZUL, TROPS, Cetaqua – Water Technology Centre, AgriSmart data, and AGUAS Y SANEAMIENTOS DE LA AXARQUIA SA.

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