P2GreeN Takes Strides Towards Sustainable Agriculture at START Annual Meeting

P2GreeN, a leading advocate for sustainable solutions in the agrifood sector, recently participated in the anticipated START annual meeting held in Copenhagen on March 19th and 20th, 2024. This gathering brought together stakeholders, researchers, and industry experts passionate about addressing the pressing challenges facing the agrifood domain.


At the heart of P2GreeN’s presence was the presentation of a study titled “Review of Source-Separating Wastewater Sector in Sweden: A PESTEL-SWOT Framework,” delivered by our dedicated team members, Anna Josephina Coco Schmid and Albina Dioba. Their insightful analysis illuminated crucial aspects of Sweden’s wastewater sector, shedding light on potential opportunities and challenges within a PESTEL-SWOT framework. This study represents a milestone in P2GreeN’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize sustainable practices within the wastewater management domain.


The thematic focus of the annual meeting spanned three pivotal areas: Land use and Production, Living Labs and Food System Thinking, and Policy and Consumption Patterns. These themes served as catalysts for stimulating interdisciplinary discussions and fostering innovative solutions to complex agrifood-related issues.


Participants were treated to engaging plenary panel discussions, covering a spectrum of topics ranging from research engagement strategies to funding opportunities and consortia creation. These sessions provided invaluable insights into the current landscape of agrifood research and highlighted pathways for collaborative endeavors aimed at driving meaningful change.


Furthermore, the event’s interactive format facilitated networking and collaboration, offering attendees the opportunity to explore poster exhibitions showcasing the latest research initiatives and to connect with peers and experts in the field. The inclusion of campfire/circus sessions and START Hub meet-and-greet activities added an element of dynamism, encouraging vibrant exchanges and fostering a sense of community among participants.


P2GreeN extends its appreciation to the organizers, sponsors, and fellow participants for their commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the agrifood sector. As we reflect on our experience at the START annual meeting, we are inspired to redouble our efforts in pursuit of our shared vision—a future where environmental stewardship and innovation intersect to create a more sustainable world.


Stay tuned for further updates on P2GreeN’s ongoing initiatives and collaborative ventures aimed at transforming the agrifood landscape for generations to come. Together, we can harness the power of science and collaboration to build a brighter, more resilient future.

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