The P2GreeN Project Empowers Youth at the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival

In a world where the sustainable use of biological resources is imperative for our future, young individuals hold the key to driving transformative change. The P2GreeN project is proud to announce its participation in the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival, an initiative by the European Commission in collaboration with the EU Bioeconomy Youth Ambassadors. Our satellite event at the festival represents phase one of our international conference and aims to empower young individuals to be proactive champions of sustainability and innovation in the field of biological resources. 


🌿 What’s Happening at the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival? 🌿 

The Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival 2024 “Youth as drivers of the transformative change”, is an ambitious initiative aimed at involving young people as active participants in driving transformative changes within the European Union. Here’s what you can expect at this remarkable event: 

Raise awareness about the potential of the Bioeconomy 

Showcase pathways for accelerating Bioeconomy innovation and scaling up 

Foster engagement, networking, and collaboration 

Influence the future of EU Bioeconomy policy 


As part of the satellite events, the P2GreeN project is excited to offer an interactive session with the following goals: 


👫 Empower Youth: We aim to empower young individuals to act as catalysts towards the sustainable use of biological resources. Through education, awareness, and engagement, we will equip them to drive change. 


🌿 Raise Awareness: It’s essential to understand the potential achievements of the Bioeconomy. Our session will shed light on the positive impact this field can have on our environment and economy.


🌱 Contribute Insights: Your perspective matters. We’ll be gathering valuable insights from our participants to shape the future of EU Bioeconomy policy. Your ideas can drive meaningful change. 


This festival is not just about knowledge-sharing; it’s about creating a strong connection between the youth and the Bioeconomy innovation ecosystems. It’s about nurturing and empowering the next generation to be catalysts for the circular and sustainable use of biological resources.  

So, mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details about this exciting event. Join us as we embark on this journey to shape a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference! 🌍🌿  

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