P2GreeN Joins Futurium’s “Treasures of the Future” Exhibition

Focusing on Urban Mining P2GreeN, has officially become a part of the prestigious Futurium exhibition, “Treasures of the Future.” The annual theme, “Raw Materials,” sets the stage for an exploration into the critical role raw materials play in shaping our world and the urgent need for responsible and equitable practices in their extraction, distribution, and utilization.

Raw materials are the backbone of our existence, influencing everything from the construction of our homes to the technology in our smartphones. However, with increasing demand comes significant challenges, including environmental degradation, social inequities, and unsustainable consumption patterns. Futurium’s exhibition aims to confront these issues head-on, offering insights into how raw materials can be sourced, utilized, and recycled in a more environmentally friendly and socially just manner.

As part of the exhibition’s thematic area on urban mining, P2GreeN brings its innovative approach to the forefront. Through guided tours and interactive experiences, visitors have the opportunity to learn about our project’s concept firsthand. The inclusion of a “smelling station,” featuring P2GreeN’s unique fertilizers, adds a sensory dimension to the exploration of urban mining and sustainable nutrient management.

We’re excited to be part of an exhibition that attracts over 700,000 visitors annually, making Futurium one of Berlin’s top exhibition destinations! The exhibition offers a holistic view of raw materials, from their extraction to their potential reuse, highlighting the importance of transitioning towards a circular economy. Interactive installations such as the marble run transformed into a musical experience demonstrate the principles of the circular economy in action, emphasizing the importance of reuse and resource conservation.

Through various exhibits, workshops, and discussions, Futurium invites visitors to envision and contribute to a future where raw materials are utilized responsibly and sustainably.


For more information visit https://futurium.de/en


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