Our Partners from Bioazul Participate at FERPLAY round-table

On the 18th of October, our esteemed partners from Bioazul actively participated in a momentous event organized by CETENMA, the dedicated project coordinators of FERPLAY. This event served as a remarkable platform for P2GreeN, represented by our partners from Bioazul, to present groundbreaking innovations in the realm of alternative fertilizers and circular agriculture.

FER-PLAY partners, representing a diverse array of stakeholders, including farmers, producers, organizations, and the scientific community, congregated to delve into the world of circular fertilizers—a domain that defines both the present and future of agriculture. 

Experts from the FER-PLAY consortium and a myriad of other projects seized the opportunity to showcase their innovative strategies, charting a course toward the future of alternative fertilizers in Europe. The event was not only an opportunity for sharing knowledge but also for fostering connections and collaborations within the industry.

Attendees had the unique privilege of interacting directly with farmers, producers, and professionals actively engaged in the sector. They heard firsthand about the challenges these individuals face and the opportunities they envision to further the utilization of alternative fertilizers—a vital component of sustainable agriculture.

The event culminated in an insightful visit to Finca “Arniella” in Lobosillo, Murcia, Spain. Here, Explotaciones Ecológicas Murcianas showcased a real-world success story in the application of circular fertilizers. The practical demonstration illustrated the tangible impact of these innovative solutions.

This event emphasized the collective commitment of P2GreeN, FER-PLAY, and other projects to drive forward the adoption of alternative fertilizers, furthering the cause of a circular economy, bioeconomy, and sustainable agriculture. The participation of our partners from Bioazul in this enlightening event underscores the dedication of the P2GreeN project to actively engage in knowledge-sharing and collaborative efforts. The pursuit of innovative alternatives in the realm of fertilizers is a pivotal step toward creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural future.

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