P2GreeN Consortium Members’ participation at the CCRI Conference

The P2GreeN project is making strides in the field of sustainability, and its dedicated consortium members are gearing up to participate in the upcoming CCRI Conference. This event is a significant opportunity for P2GreeN, as it brings together experts and stakeholders in the domain of the circular economy, a key focus area for the project.

Scheduled to take place in Brussels and online, the CCRI Conference promises to be a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and networking. With sustainability at the core of P2GreeN’s mission, the event aligns perfectly with the project’s objectives.

As part of the P2GreeN consortium’s participation in the conference, several members will be in attendance, ready to engage in discussions and sessions related to the circular economy and resource efficiency. While their specific roles may vary, their presence is expected to provide valuable contributions to the ongoing dialogue in the sustainability field.

The CCRI Conference is set to feature a diverse array of sessions, workshops, and discussions, covering a wide spectrum of topics related to sustainability and the circular economy. It is a unique space for researchers, industry leaders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to come together and explore innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

P2GreeN’s involvement in this conference is a testament to its commitment to advancing knowledge and forging partnerships that can lead to transformative changes. By actively participating in events like the CCRI Conference, P2GreeN is contributing to the broader mission of building a more sustainable world.

For more information about P2GreeN and its participation in the CCRI Conference, please follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. You can also register for the event here: https://www.ccri-conference.eu/

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